As a KiwiLearners franchisee, you will receive the following services:
  • Financial information and tracking to ensure you are aware of your targets vs. Requirements and information that will help you plan your recruitment and marketing drives.
  • Centralized accounting system, so all franchises are integrated on the same system. This will make it easy for us to run quick compliance audits, reduce training time and help centralize reporting.
  • Attendance and child data student management system. We are already using this in our Head Quarters with a good degree of success. We provide a pre licensed, cloud based education system that can be used on almost any device.
  • Child education timeline system. Designed and developed in New Zealand, this software has centralized information relating to each child and has a visually appealing, easy to understand set of features to enjoy your child’s educational journey.
  • Quality control and validation. We conduct quality control inspections twice a year in the physical franchise location to ensure that prescribed standards are adhered to. Aside from this, we will also conduct calenderized reviews with our teaching staff and franchise managers to understand issues and share solutions.
  • NZ early learning curriculum that has been tailor made for India. When reviewing New Zealand’s early childhood curriculum, the panel of industry experts and consultants who designed this also reviewed information to ‘customise’ the curriculum to suit the needs of early childhood in India.