The KiwiLearners Early Learning Centre brought together CORE Education’s drive to transform education and Solai Mani’s commitment to make a difference for education in India.
  • Governed by a single Board
  • Managed and led by a New Zealand Centre Director
  • Staffed locally and internationally
  • Subject to professional standards, and
  • Subject to the delivery of an internationally recognised early childhood curriculum

  • KiwiLearners is supported by the New Zealand early childhood curriculum, robust quality assurance systems, innovative assessment and reporting practices, and overall professional centre leadership.

    Sun CORE Education Partners Ltd and KiwiLearners
    In 2013, CORE Education and Mr Solai Mani, PlaceMe Consultants (previously Sun Global Pty Ltd) formed Sun CORE Education Partners Ltd, to establish the KiwiLearners Early Learning Centres in Chennai, India. This was founded on both parties' strong and mutual interest and vision toward the care and education of young children.

    Since April 2015, KiwiLearners Pty is owned and managed by Mr. Solai Mani and Mrs. Meenupriya Solai. CORE Education will continue to offer professional consultancy services to ensure high quality teaching and learning is maintained.

    Meenu Priya, Director
    Meenupriya is the Director of Sun Global Services Ltd. She has over 8 years experience in International Student recruitment for various countries around the world. Her strong passion for providing quality learning experiences and to provide best quality care to children where they can thrive in a fun, safe and supportive learning environment led to Kiwilearners. She believes that children are our greatest assets and all have the right to a nurturing and caring environment in which they can grow and develop their individualism within safe and free surroundings.

    She has two children, Arjun and Manoj, and continually strives to excel in her career and focus on continued learning and setting goals to enhance her skills as a Director.

    Solai Mani, Director
    Solai Mani is the Director of Sun Global Services Ltd. He has a Bachelor of Engineering (Computer Science) from J. J. College of Engineering, Trichy and a Post Graduate degree in Information Technology from University of Sydney, Australia. As a very enterprising and young resident of Australia, he believes in creating opportunities for students in India to pursue their dreams for Higher studies in New Zealand and Australia . Solai’s involvement in the establishment of KiwiLearners is the fruition of his vision for making a contribution toward the provision of quality education for preschool children in India.

    About PlaceMe Consultants
    PlaceMe Consultants is a company offering education services to clients across a range of international destinations. The parent company, Sun Australia, was established in 2006 and has performed well, processing hundreds of visa applications for students wishing to study in New Zealand and Australia. Now PlaceMe seeks to extend those services across other countries.