Our Curriculum Aspirations for Children
Assessment of children’s learning at KiwiLearners is innovative, learning focused and informed by New Zealand research and best practice. It is designed to improve children’s learning and inform teacher practice.
At KiwiLearners, assessment is an everyday practice. Children’s learning outcomes are monitored formally and informally. Learning goals for each child are established through careful analysis of documentation and discussion with parents, the child themselves and teaching staff.

KiwiLearners uses an online ePortfolio platform called Storypark to document assessments. Storypark gives families, teachers and children easy and immediate access to children’s learning progress. Each child attending KiwiLearners has their own Storypark ePortfolio. Parents can access, share and contribute anytime and anywhere via secure login.

Storypark allows easy recording and sharing of photos, video and text via a secure, private network. The use of multimedia to record children’s experiences in learning means that children do not have to be able to read in order to reflect on their progress.