There’s some good reasons why you should start a pre-school:
  • Huge potential with a strong, hitherto under tapped market.
  • Product differentiation relatively non-existent, low barriers for entry.
  • Fragmented local players, core product orientation not focused on early childhood.
  • Your audience wants it : Parents understand the need for a more organic way of educating their children. The newer generation is willing to spend more on quality education.
  • The Indian government allows it: The Indian government has opened up and allowed for international players to come in and thus help bring new ways and means of education into the country.
  • Current graduates who have studied teaching have new methods and innovative ways of understanding, dealing with and teaching children. This is very different from what it was 10 years ago. Plenty of ‘raw materials’ to guide the next generation.
  • For yourself: There is nothing more satisfying than educating young minds. Involve yourself in it alongside running a profitable franchise.