KiwiLearners Team

Abhilasha, Centre Manager
I hold a Level5 Certificate in Early Childhood Education from NewZealand Tertiary College. I’m passionate about Early Childhood Education and love being with children. Teaching is a two way learning process in which both children and the teacher learns simultaneously. This profession gives me new experience each day unlike any other job and I love to experience it with the children.

Hailing from a small village in Tutucorin. I’m the first person to choose teaching as profession in my family. The new emerging schools with different teaching techniques, like 'play way method', is what inspired me to choose this profession. While working as a teacher I realised that teaching younger children is a ‘fun and challenging’ task.

I am in KiwiLearners Early Childhood Learning Centre with great enthusiasm to learn the New Zealand early childhood teaching methods. I want to use my knowledge, experience, and expertise in all aspects of the early childhood centre, from policy making to influencing children in terms of values and principles of life.

I believe that by providing the children a rich and challenging environment to play, we can start them on a journey of learning. Enabling the children to explore and experiment through play enhances their interest, engagement and motivation toward learning. I believe that involving children in complex play activities will provide high cognitive challenges and contribute to their educational and social development.

I also think that it is important for children to be surrounded by unconditional love and emotional warmth in their earliest years. Having loving relationships with the children builds their resilience and contributes to the growth of a broad range of competencies.

Jayalakshmi, Assistant Administrative Manager
Hi! I am Jaya. I am From Chennai. I hold a Masters degree in Commerce. I also did my Diploma in Montessori Education in Pondicherry. I enjoy listening music and love to go for a long drive with my family. I am approachable, well presented and able to establish a good working relationship with a range of different people. I am a quick learner who can absorb new ideas and organize a wide range of administrative activities.
Joining KiwiLearners has been a wonderful change in my life. I enjoy being around the children. They make me feel energetic. I learn many things from them and they make me smile every day. In Kiwi Learners I enjoy giving a warm and welcoming service to the parents and their children.

Malathi Senior Teacher
My name is Malathi and I was born in Bangalore and brought up in Chennai. I hold a degree in Economics and I completed my certified A1 course in French at Alliance Francoise De Madras. I speak four different Indian languages other than English. Previously I worked as a tutor teaching Math, Science and Hindi, however, I have always been interested in the field of Early Childhood Education.

I love being with children and believe teaching is a two way process in which both the child and the teacher learn simultaneously day by day and that there is no end to learning. It is my great pleasure to work at KiwiLearners which is providing me with new experiences each day and helps me to develop and use my knowledge, experience and expertise across all aspects of this Early Learning Centre.

Nicolin, Senior Caregiver Support
Nikki is a young mother with a two-year old son and her passion towards supporting the care routines for our Kiwilearners children is seen in every aspect of her work. Her caring attitude can be felt when she guides and takes care of the children with love and respect. Nikki is very organized and gives attention to detail as she goes about all tasks assigned to her.
Nikki loves to dance and has impressed everyone with the energy she brings in during the music and movement sessions at KiwiLearners.

Revathi, Teacher
Hi! I am Revathi and I come from the beautiful city of Pondicherry. I hold a degree in computer applications and a graduate diploma in electronics communication engineering. Although my background is different I have always been interested in the field of early childhood education.
I lived close to a play school in Pondicherry and watching the children play and learn inspired me to do a graduate diploma in teaching (AMTTT). After the completion of my Montessori teacher training, I worked with kindergarten children in various schools for seven years.

I believe that the early years is a golden period for the children development and learning. I think it is important to love them unconditionally, have positive expectations and give them lots of time to explore. Children bring a big smile in my face. I am very passionate about working, playing and learning with children.

Anwar, Manager-Accounts and Administration
Hi all! I am Anwar. I am from Chennai. I have a beautiful wife who is a teacher and three lovely children. I have more than 30 years of Accounting and Admin experience in leather and footwear industries in their export units. I have worked with over 1500 employees in my previous job. I built a good relationship with my colleagues, their families and also a lot of Government officials in the course of my job. Joining the KiwiLearners team has been a wonderful change for me as I can see and meet lots of happy children and their families and not just numbers. Looking at the smiling faces of the children, gives me a peace of mind.

The thing that impressed me most about KiwiLearners as a preschool was the amount of care the teachers and staff took towards Health and safety of the children. I am proud to be a part of an organization with high standards and a wonderful team.