The Principles of Te Whāriki form the foundation of our preschool and kindergarten philosophy
  • Relationships influence active participation and contribution in a rich social world.
  • Learning is enriched by family and community involvement, and local cultural narratives.
  • Empowering experiences enable children to create and act on their own ideas.
  • Holistic learning opportunities nurture and grow values, skills, positive behaviours and attitudes toward learning.

  • KiwiLearners Early Learning Centre is a nurturing, warm and secure environment for infants, toddlers and young children. In the care of attentive, respectful and responsive teachers each child is encouraged towards independence from a safe base of emotional support.

    KiwiLearners Early Learning Centre aims to ensure that each child is nurtured as a competent learner and communicator, able to confidently make choices, solve problems, question and explore. We acknowledge each child’s unique qualities, personality and individuality while providing clear guidelines for appropriate behaviour.

    Each child will be supported to develop learning strategies, attitudes, interests, knowledge and skills appropriate to individual needs and capabilities. We encourage and model respect for others, co-operation, social interaction, managing conflict, mediation and clear communication.

    The pace of the day follows the child's lead with the programme tuned in to the child's rhythms. Each child will learn and grow through play, social interaction and exploration in an environment that supports the development of autonomy and independence, ensuring a strong foundation for learning at school and throughout life.

    Staff and management work as a team together, and with parents and families. Strong links between home and KiwiLearners Early Learning Centre are valued and supported. The central role parents fulfil as caregivers and educators of their children is very important.

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