KiwiLearners Vision and Mission
The KiwiLearners mission is to build a strong foundation for life-long learning by providing future focused education for young learners.
  • We hold the child, family and culture at the centre of learning
  • Children are confident early learners reaching their full potential

  • NZ Early Childhood Curriculum approach: Te Whᾱriki

    A fresh, exciting, engaging and progressive teaching and learning environment for preschool and kindergarten children, that
  • Is underpinned by the New Zealand Early Childhood Curriculum Te Whāriki, which is an holistic approach to teaching and learning
  • Has a focus on children as competent creative communicators and active learners
  • Is rich in creativity, language, literacy and mathematics
  • Integrates digital technologies in the curriculum so children become fluent with the tools of the digital world
  • Uses assessment practices that share and celebrate children’s learning with parents, family and community
  • Uses policies and procedures to guide teacher practice and affirm to parents a high standard of care.