Teachers in the programme

KiwiLearners teaching staff facilitate children’s learning in every area of curriculum through interacting, challenging, questioning, listening, wondering, and provoking children’s thinking.

KiwiLearners teachers bring a diverse range of experiences and qualifications to the teaching and learning context of the centre. Teachers’ skills, passions, expertise, and interests contribute to the richness of curriculum that children experience daily.

We believe in a learning community approach whereby all teachers and parents have opportunity to learn with and alongside each other.

All KiwiLearners teaching staff are supported as lifelong learners to enhance their practice through a professional training programme. This is led by highly qualified and experienced New Zealand staff who are well-grounded in the international research and thinking on early years best practice.

KiwiLearners expects its teaching staff to:
  • Have high levels of communication skills/abilities
  • Have flexibility to follow children’s own rhythms & interests
  • Be responsive, prepared, and supportive
  • Understand how to support young children’s development and learning
  • Be enthusiastic about learning and young children
  • Have high expectations for children’s learning and behaviour

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